Lawrence Hughes

Chief Executive Officer, Sixscape Communications, Singapore

Lawrence Hughes is one of the top contributors of public domain software for Control Program/Monitor (CP/M) since the 1990s. Having an educational background of Bachelor of Science major in Mathematics (minor in Physics), Hughes ventured into the plethora of microcomputer applications. Mastering computer graphics and application programming over the years, his expertise include internet protocols, cryptography, public key infrastructure (PKI), computer security and many others. He attended college at the Florida State University where a litany of scientific computing labs were made available, all of which became his work ground. One of his major achievements include Mycroft Labs and CipherTrust, the companies which he co-founded and established himself. Much of these experiences had given him the credibility to conduct professional trainings on Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) worldwide. He has also written a book entitled “The Second Internet”, made available online.

Hughes desires to disseminate his learnings and share his experience in application programming, even in establishing curricula labs suitable for both professional and student classes. Watch him talk about microcomputer applications at the Information and Communications Technology Disaster Response Conference this coming September 20, 2017.