Josh Woodard

Regional ICT & Digital Finance Advisor

Josh has over ten years of experience in the international development space, primarily focused on helping people use ICT more effectively to achieve development outcomes. He is currently based in Bangkok from where he works on a number of different activities across Asia.

Among those activities, he leads a Rockefeller Foundation award to identify and support the scale up of high potential digital technologies for positively impacting resilience outcomes. As a part of that work, he published an Inventory of Digital Technologies for Resilience, with more than 100 entries.

In 2016, he designed and facilitated the two-day Harnessing the Data Revolution for Resilience Summit in Bangkok, which catalyzed a dialogue focused on harnessing the power of digital data to transform the design, implementation, and monitoring of international development programs to support resilience capacities at various scales. Previously, he was the lead for a multi-stakeholder effort to develop a mobile-based game for resilience through the Global Resilience Partnership, which made it to the finalist stage. He is the author of numerous toolkits on using technology for development, and has conducted trainings on the appropriate design, deployment and use of technology for hundreds of people across more than 10 countries globally.