Danilo T. Jaque, PhD.

Managing Director, HydroNet Consultants, Inc.

Dr. Danilo Jaque obtained his Master’s degree in Civil Engineering from the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand, and Ph.D. In Civil Engineering (Water) from the University of New South Wales (UNSW) Australia. He is currently the President of HydroNet Consultants Inc. and has been involved in various planning, designing and project monitoring and implementation related to drainage and flood control, solid waste management, water supply development, hydropower development, wastewater treatment, as well as environmental impact assessment. He is currently doing research on Climate Change Mitigation and
Adaptation in support to DOST program in Region 7.

Dr. Jaque's teaching interests include Fluid Mechanics and Hydrodynamics, Hydraulics, and Water Supply. Other related subjects of interest are coastal engineering, hydrology, flood design, environmental hydraulics river engineering
and urban drainage and sewerage system. Other related projects he was involved in is Mandaue City Drainage Project where he provided technical advise to the City Government Mandaue, Cebu on their Drainage infrastructure program. He is also involved in the San Carlos City Flood Study where he conducted basin-wide flood analysis and developed flood intervention program to protect the proposed Airport facility and Economic Zone.